If you’re looking for ways to support the arts, our community,  and the Three Rivers area as a whole, please join us and become a member of the Carnegie Center for the Arts.

Your generosity is always highly appreciated by us, and turned over into the Carnegie to provide all the necessities to keep this building running and host art exhibitions, classes, and art programs.

Any amount (with membership status starting at $35) will help us maintain the Carnegie and will grant you membership, with which you will receive benefits such as discounts on gallery purchases, class tuitions, newsletters and invitations to all events.

Call us or stop by to ask how to join 🙂


                          Levels of giving and benefits

Individual $35 – $49                                        10% discount on
Family $50 – $99                                            gallery purchases,
Contributing $100 – $149                        class tuition, invitation to
Donor $150 – $249                                   all events and newsletters

Sponsor $250 – $499                                     15% discount on
Patron $500 – $999                                      gallery purchases,
———————————-——————————class tuition, invitation to                                                                 all events and newsletters

Sustaining $1,000 – $2,499                            20% discount on
Carnegie Circle $2,500 and above                   gallery purchases,
—————————————-———————-class tuition, invitations to                                                                                                              all events and newsletters